Cleaner Production concept gives guidance in optimizing industrial production processes



UNIDO's holistic cleaner production approach is a preventive, integrated strategy that is applied to the entire production cycle to

  • increase productivity by ensuring a more efficient use of raw materials, energy and water
  • promote better environmental performance through reduction at source of waste and emissions
  • reduce the environmental impact of products throughout their life cycle by the design of environmentally friendly but cost-effective products.

The net effect is to give enterprises in developing and transition countries a more competitive edge, thereby facilitating their access to international markets.

UNIDO's holistic approach to CP includes its application in sectoral activities, as well as the implementation of multilateral environmental protocols through development and transfer of CP technology and investment promotion.

Cleaner production requires changing attitudes, exercising responsible environmental management and promoting technology change.


More information on UNIDO Worldwide National Cleaner Production Program




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