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Activity of the Centre is included in the UNIDO Country Service Framework for the Russian Federation on 2003 - 2005 intending to support industry as well as small and middle business aiming at insuring ecological safety on the territory of the major Russian region.
For the enterprises of North-West Russia NWICPC implements:

  • Cleaner Production concept and Environmental management system through realisation of relative investment projects
  • Transfer and development of energy-efficient and resource-saving technologies
  • Safe manipulation with wastes
  • Reduction of ecological risks
  • Training of specialists


Entire activity of the Centre is focused on establishing appropriate environment in order to enhance the level of ecological safety and administrational responsibility at a variety of economic activities, guaranteeing the rights of citizens on a favorable environment.
NWICPC founded in a form of autonomous non-profit organization is a non-governmental organization and promotes its environmental strategy on the following basis “From correction to operation and saving for the future generations”.

NWICPC uses support and co-operates with:

  • Committee of the State Duma on Ecology and Committee of Foreign Affairs
  • Committees of the Federal Council
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia
  • Ministry of Industry, Science and Technologies of Russia
  • Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia
  • Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia
  • Staff of the Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the North-Western federal district
  • Local authorities

NWICPC benefits from the membership in:

  • St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • External Relations Committee of St. Petersburg Authorities
  • North-Western Regional Centre of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia
  • Baltic Specialised Sea Inspection of Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia
  • The Interregional association "Federation of Professional Unions of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad Region"


NWICPC has agreements on international co-operation with:

  • UNIDO - ITPO UK (Investments and Technology Promotion Office in United Kingdom, Manchester)
  • Austrian Cleaner Production Centre
  • Royal Technological Institute (Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Danish Energy Agency "Carl Bro"


NWICPC offers wide range of services, having in disposal:

  • Highly qualified national and international UNIDO experts and consultants
  • UNIDO methodology in sphere of Cleaner Production and manipulation with different waste products
  • Informational and promotional support of UNIDO
  • Training tools in the country and abroad
  • Specialized UNIDO software "COMFAR" for elaboration of business plans
  • International marketing network, containing UNIDO National Cleaner Production Centres
  • Mechanisms of attracting of finances from UNIDO donor and investor countries
  • Mechanisms of Best Available Technologies (BAT) promotion
  • Experience in realization of projects on international protocols (for example: Stockholm Convention on POPs)
  • Experience in organising and holding international conferences and seminars


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