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Area of Centre’s activities

is determined by the territory of North-Western Federal District of Russia which comprises:

  • Saint Petersburg
  • Leningrad Oblast
  • Kaliningrad Oblast
  • Pskovskaya Oblast- Novgorodskaya Oblast
  • Vologodskaya Oblast
  • Arkhangelsk Oblast incl. Islands Kolguev & Novaya Zemlya
  • Murmansk Oblast
  • Republic of Karelia
  • Republic of Komi
  • Nenetskyi autonomous district


Strategic directions of development

Using opportunities of program support of the specialized UN institutes and with coordination from the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, the Cleaner Production Centre is going to realize next strategies:

  • Implementation and popularization of the Cleaner Production concept in power engineering, industry and transport by realization of demonstration and pilot invest projects and appropriate information supply;
  • Modernization of objects of Fuel and Energy Complex, Housing and Communal Service and industrial production on the basis of implementation of ecologically cleaner and effective industrial energy- and resource-saving technologies;
  • Implementation of Environmental Management standards ISO 14001 at industrial enterprises;
  • Promotion of domestic high technologies and environmentally sound products on internal and foreign markets;
  • Promotion of programs and projects in the field of safe manipulation with different kind of military, industrial and household waste products, persistent toxic substances;
  • Increase of industrial safety of dangerous objects and environmental risk management, prevention of man-caused extreme situations occurrence, protection of life and health of the population and preservation of ecosystems;
  • Preparation and training of experts in area of Cleaner Production, energy efficiency and resource saving, new ecological standards, increase of safety of the population's vital activity and preservation of ecosystems.

Favorable opportunities

The realized project uses the system of mutual beneficial cooperation with UN system's institute of donor organizations through mechanisms of project financing (according to the Russian legislation the specialized UN institutions have significant preferences in Russia, giving privileges at delivery of the process equipment and mobilization of financial assets).
Further the Centre plans to build the self-financing mechanism due to commercialization of carried out projects (in a principle: environmental technologies are economically favourable). For this purpose the agreement on cooperation with strategic investment institute UNIDO - ITPO UK (Investment and Technology Promotion Office in the United Kingdom, Manchester) was signed on May, 5, 2003 in UNIDO Headquarters (Vienna).
The Centre is included in the international marketing network through the similar UNIDO National Cleaner Production Centres in 31 countries of the world. Such network allows promoting Russian high technologies and hi-tech production in developing countries and countries with economic in transition.
The Centre in its activity participates in formation and bears on institute of national and international UNIDO experts (at present - 40 experts). Realization of national and international projects, in which the Centre participates by UNIDO experts, raises investment attraction of such projects, creates system of additional political guarantees, reduces risks and provides high level of information support.

Practical actions

  1. The Centre in co-operation with the North-Western Regional Centre of the Ministry of Emergency Situations carries out the Russian - Swedish project on clearing the territory of B.Tyter island in gulf of Finland from dangerous military waste products remained after the Second World War.
  2. The Centre carries out the demonstration project at St. Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise "Passagiravtotrans" on implementation of resource-saving equipment.
  3. The Centre prepares the concept of Eco-Techno-Park construction in St. Petersburg - testing area for adjustment on trial samples the newest nature protection technologies (from R&D work to working modules).
  4. The Centre prepares the offer on implementation of the newest Russian technology for total chlorine-free bleaching at the pulp-and-paper mills of Kaliningrad region and Republic of Karelia.
  5. NWICPC carries out the project financing scheme in Republic Karelia for construction of boiler-house on biofuel and mini-factory on its manufacture from waste products of timber cutting and woodworking.
  6. NWICPC forms the offer for agriculture complex of Leningrad region on realization of the pilot project on construction of mini-thermal power station on bio-gas.
  7. The Centre develops pre-feasibility study of MSW processing mini-factory construction (simultaneous reception electric and thermal energy) for one district of St. Petersburg and the Kaliningrad region; pilot project in the Kaliningrad region of modular mini thermal power station on the basis of gas-piston co-generator; and also mini thermal power station, working on solid combustible waste products (household and industrial).


Perspective working plan in the North-West of Russia:

  • preparation of middle and large projects (5 projects is planned to prepare within 3 years) in area of Cleaner Production and waste products processing for joint realization with UNIDO ITPO UK and large Italian financial and industrial consortium (it also enters the UNIDO investors institute);
  • realization of small decentralised power engineering projects in the Kaliningrad region on the basis of the newest cleaner technologies to establish the system of regional power independence from neighbouring states;
  • creation of the own financial mechanism for projects realization by establishment of revolving venture fund (part of bankroll is involved from the Scandinavian ecological financial corporation and domestic fund for support of high technologies and manufactures);
  • realization in co-operation with the Austrian Cleaner Production Centre (Graz) of the pilot project in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region through friendly eco-cluster of enterprises formation and creation of educational centre for preparation experts in Cleaner Production, energy efficiency and resource saving, standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 on the basis of the appropriate faculty of the Academy of Standardisation, Metrology and Certification (in the system of Gosstandart of Russia).


The mechanism of the described project realization has to become the effective tool of authorities and management, public and private enterprises, universities and research centres at realization of new nature protection policy and realization of priority state programs on modernization of enterprises of Fuel and Energy Complex, housing and communal service, transport and maintenance of industrial and ecological safety in territories of the North-Western Federal District of Russia.



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