NWICPC uses support and co-operates with:

    ♦ Committees of the State Duma (Russian Parliament and Federal Council)
    ♦ Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia
    ♦ Ministry of Industry, Science and Technologies of Russia
    ♦ Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia
    ♦ Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia
    ♦ Staff of the Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the North-Western federal district
    ♦ Regional authorities
    ♦ Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Vodokanal of St.Petersburg”
    ♦ The Centre for International Industrial Co-operation in the Russian Federation (Moscow)
    ♦ Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (Moscow);
    ♦ State Navigation & Hydrographic Research institute (St.Petersburg);
    ♦ Central Marine Research & Design Institute (CNIIMF) (St.Petersburg);
    ♦ Russian State Hydrometeorological University (St.Petersburg);
    ♦ Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy (St.Petersburg);
    ♦ Closed Corporation  «Transas» (St.Petersburg);
    ♦ «Medscreen»  Ltd. (Moscow);
    ♦ Non-Governmental Ecological Vernadsky Foundation  (Moscow);
    ♦ Scientific and Technical Centre “TEROS-MIFI” (Moscow);
    ♦ National Environmental Management and Cleaner Production Center of oil and gas industries (Moscow);
    ♦ Kuwait Finance House, Bahrain;
    ♦ Bahrain Science and Technology Park;
    ♦ St.Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical University);
    ♦ The Russian Geographical Society (RGO) (St.Petersburg);
    ♦ Non-profit Organization «Inform-Ekspertiza» (Moscow);
    ♦ Water Research and Control Center (St.Petersburg);
    ♦ Regional Centre of  toxicology and hygiene «TOKSI»;
    ♦ Faculty of electronics and systems engineering, Moscow State Forest University (MSFU) (Moscow);
    ♦ UGRA Research Institute of Information Technologies (Khanty-Mansiysk).

NWICPC benefits from the membership in:

    ♦ UNIDO
    ♦ St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    ♦ External Relations Committee of St. Petersburg Authorities
    ♦ North-Western Regional Centre of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia
    ♦ Baltic Specialised Sea Inspection of Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia
    ♦ Committee for Use of Natural Resources, Environment Protection, and Environmental Safety of St.Petersburg

NWICPC has international co-operation agreements with:

    ♦ Nordic Environmental Financial Corporation – NEFCO (five Scandinavian Countries, headquarters in Helsinki)
    ♦ International Institute of Industrial Economy and Ecology Lund University (Sweden)
    ♦ The mayoralty of Graz (Stiria, Austria)
    ♦ Royal Technological Institute (Stockholm, Sweden)
    ♦ International Centre of Science and High Technology (Trieste, Italy)




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