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The Global Chemical Leasing Award

Within the framework of the Global UNIDO Chemical Leasing (ChL) activities, UNIDO in close cooperation with the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management (BMLFUW) developed an international award for ChL and launched it on 13th May 2009 during the ICCM-2 meeting in Geneva.

This ChL Award is the first award of this kind and recognizes successful ChL implementation at company level and publication and promotion activities through four categories: (1) case studies (companies), (2) consulting services, (3) scientific publications, and (4) public relations (reports, media, brochures, websites).

It aims at globally enhancing the visibility of ChL, at encouraging innovative applications of the concept and at acknowledging contributions to disseminate the business model. It will be first awarded in 2010.   

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Important Events in 2009

27-28 May 2009  Participation in the theoretical and practical conference "New approaches for the decision of environmental problems of industrial enterprises"

On 15 May 2009 in the Tavricheskiy Palace in St. Petersburg the Interparliamentary Assembly of the CIS Member Nations, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation with the assistance of the Government of the Russian Federation hold the Second Nevsky International Ecological Congress.
The main objective of the Congress is to discuss the issues on forming the international system of ecological security, improvement of the legislation in the natural resources management, maintenance of the biodiversity and opposition to ecological catastrophes.  Participation in the round table No. 4 Ecological problems of human environment and safeguarding sustainable use of energy resources Подробнее >>>>

20-24 April 2009 Workshop on Chemical Leasing Organized by the UNIDO Cleaner and Sustainable Production Unit in close collaboration with the
Serbian NCP.Iriski Vena, Belgrade, Serbia

Select presentation:

Chemical Laesing: Steps in Russia>>>>>

Hydrowave Method of Wastewater Treatment>>>>>

Important Events in 2007

23-25 April 2007 NWICPC jointly with ICS-UNIDO (Trieste, Italy) will hold the Workshop on "Supporting tools for Eastern and Central European NCPCs" that will take place in St.Petersburg, Russia. More...

21-23 March 2007 NWICPC jointly with HELCOM will organize VIII International Environmental Forum "Baltic Sea Day" - "Baltic Action Plan - time for action"

01 March 2007 NWICPC participates in the The Round Table on Position of Russian Business Community Regarding REACH Directive (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals). The rorund table was dedicated to the discussion of the REACH Directive and the project of the Russian Federal Law regarding safety of chemicals, it's storage, transportation, selling, usage and utitlization and future cooperation on the base of REACH.


21 February 2007 The Seminar on Chemical Leasing and Resource-Saving Environmental Plant Modernization Projects on the North-West of Russia, Financial Mechanisms (favorable credits and leasing).


21 - 24 January 2007 NWICPC particpates in the 4th International Exhibition and Conference for Water Technology that will take place in Bahrain. The Centre will pesent innovative technology for water purification based on nano-technological development. For more information on the event please refer to the official web-site "4th Water Middle East".


2006 Important Events

18 September 2006
Workshop "Getting fit for REACH applying Chemical Leasing"

organized by UNIDO in cooperation with the Austrian Ministry for Environment and The Dow Chemical Company will take place in the European Parliament in Brussels with participation of NWICPC.

18 September 2006
Meeting of the international working group on Chemical Leasing

will take place in Brussels in the Austrian Permanent Representation and will be carried out with participation of NWICPC.

02 - 03 October 2006
VII International Conference "Multimodal Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Organized by NWICPC jointly with International Dangerous Goods and Containers Association, with the support of Committee of State Duma on Ecology, UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), International Maritime Organization (IMO).


17 May 2006
"Implementation of Chemical Leasing business models in Russia"
was held in Smolny with participation of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Russian Ministry of Natural Resources, Environmental Committee of The State Duma RF representatives.


Important Events in 2005

30 November - 3 December 2005 Managers of NWICPC took part in activities dedicated to the Days of North West Russia in Austria.

29 November 2005 National experts of NWICPC UNIDO and an expert of Nowegian engineering company ENSI visited an object of future CP project implementation in Respublic of Karelia.

8 - 9 November 2005 Nordic Environmental Financial Corporation (NEFCO) experts visited industrial enterprizes in Sain-Petersburg which had applied for NEFCO financing of Cleaner Production projects implementation.

29 September 2005 The official rewarding of participants of join Russian-Austrian Project "Ecoprofit-Saint-Petersburg" that celebrated a successful completiion of the first stage of the Project.

NWICPC UNIDOExperts visited a wood-processing enterprize in Pskovskaya Oblast - the potential Borrower of NEFCO CP Facility project.

North Western International Cleaner Production Centre took part in Environmental Week in Saint-Petersburg.


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