Understanding country and Governing Administration major challenge in search for the effective purifying and desalinating solutions for different countries, we suggest considering the unique Russian solution. The innovative water technology, which does not have analogues in the world, is developed by outstanding Russian designer, Professor Vladimir Afanasyev, the general director of the innovative company "TEROS-MIFI". On the basis of this development the highly effective equipment is created in Russia, which is successfully applied at the most significant industrial sites, proceeding from national economy priorities.


Unusually impressive operational characteristics of the created equipment attracts attention. Electric power expenses for purification and desalination of water are only 3 kWh/m3. Consumable materials (filters, membranes, ion-exchange resins, sorbents, chemical reagents, etc.) are not required. Dangerous wastes are not created. Productivity of one module (linear sizes 1033) is 50 m3/hour of purified and desalinated water. A useful product is formed at the output of the equipment, namely natural sea salt (unlike brine during traditional desalination method). Therefore, the production of fresh water turns into a rather profitable enterprise and the main thing is that there is no marine pollution factor. This important feature greatly underlines the major principle of UNIDO in a creation of Cleaner Production (cleaner greener production): zeroing wastes and emissions. President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev paid a visit to an exhibition of innovative developments in July of last year where he gave a high estimate to the scientifically-applied achievements of the honoured designer Vladimir Afanasyev.



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