Earlier Activities


Main activities of CPC

  • Training
  • Awareness building
  • In-plant assessment
  • Advise on tactics
  • Information dissemination
  • Acquisition of new investments for CP and waste management technologies
  • Demonstration Projects and technology transfer


Completed tasks before the organization of the Centre - Russian-Swedish project

  • 1999: 2 expeditions to Big Tyters were organized
  • 5 square km of forest was cleaned from metal military waste of German Wehrmacht
  • Bay of the Island was detected on the depth of 5 meters
  • Around 50 dangerous objects were lifted out of the water
  • 2002: preparation to the next stage of work on cleaning of the island was started together with North-Western EMERCOM


CP-technology for Russian-Swedish project

Production for utilizing outdated conventional munitions right on sites where these munitions are stored

  • Based on unique technology of extracting explosives using molten TNT
  • Preliminary analysis of results, makes it possible to reassess existing approaches to the utilization of munitions with mixed stuffs
  • Introduction and developing mobile production would allow effective, safe, profitable and ecologically clean utilization of munitions on its store sites
  • Further processing of obtained mix stuffed explosives (trotyl-hexogen mixes) in accordance with a new technology gives access to industrial production of advanced materials of XXI century (ultra-dispersive diamonds, fulleren pipes, etc.)

Scheme of CP-technology

Schematic Arrangement of Outfit for extracting Explosive Materials from munitions and for reprocessing it into a granulated product

Demo-version of equipment


What has been done

  • September 2000: joint seminar with UNIDO Protection of North-Western Europe from POPs
  • 2000: Parliamentary hearings Protection of Marine eco-systems of Arctic Region from anthropogenic pollution (National Activity Plan Arctic of Russia)
  • 2002: Parliamentary hearings (1) Environmental Safety in RUSSIA; (2) Chemical weapons sunken in the Baltic Sea in 1947 - 1948
  • Starting July 2001: joint work with UNIDO on the project of Removal of barriers to elimination of POPs in North-West Russia
  • Continuously: Russian-Swedish project on cleaning of Big Tyters
  • Continuously: Creation of test-industrial equipment for ecologically clean utilisation of dangerous and toxic wastes in St.Petersburg area



CPC Demonstration Projects

  • Modernization of the heat supply systems on the non-traditional energy efficiency technologies (water interior energy resource).
  • Diminution of heavy metals pollution in Neva River by the means of deep disposal of galvanic waste on electro-techanical plant
  • Introduction of resource saving technology on the plant producing high-voltage polymer insulators
  • Disposal of municipal solid waste by superadiabatic gasification in the incinerator plant.


Example of collaboration

  • Place: St.Petersbug, electro-techanical plant of Ministry of rail ways
  • Specialization: Production of automatic systems and telemechanics for operation of railway traffic
  • Employees: 900 (earlier 2,500 employees)
  • Plant produces also goods for export - electro-mechanical relays
  • Problems:
    • Badly cleaned galvanic waste
    • Continuously growing waste of thermo-active plastic


Collaboration mechanism

  • Creation of a joint expert group
  • Estimation of the situation on the plant
  • Choice of optimal solution and stages for liquidation of major ecological problems
  • Choice of technology for recycling of solid industrial waste and deep disposal of galvanic waste
  • Training of employees to work according to new conditions
  • Formation of business plan and the search for investment
  • Introduction of CP technologies for disposal and recycling



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