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Implementation of Energy Efficient Technologies


The North-West International Cleaner Production Center together with the First Energy-service company have started introduction of latest energy effective technologies within the framework of implementation of the demonstration cleaner production project. The complex of the Business-center buildings at Konnogvardeisky boulevard in St-Petersburg was chosen as a pilot object. In basis of modernization of the heat supply system of office buildings was putted a unique domestic heat generating installation. The installation belongs to category non-traditional ways of energy generation and uses a water interior energy resource. Now such technology has no domestic or foreign analogues by technical and economical characteristics.

As the first stage of project implementation the previous hot water system based on three electric boilers with total power 9 kW was replaced by new one, based on heat-generator which uses the resource of internal water energy (with electrical power consumption 6 kW).

Comparative characteristics of new and the previous hot water systems show that:

  • The mean daily temperature of hot water on boilers outlet is 31-32 C; but at the same time the temperature is not stable and changes during twenty-four hours (see picture No1);

  • The mean daily temperature of hot water on water heat-generator outlet is 60 C and keep stable (see picture No2);

  • Miniature heat-generator is easy build in(see picture photo) into supply pipeline system; but boilers need separated space(room).

With the using of water heat-generator cost per unit of electric power for unit of the producing heat power are in 2.7 times less, than at the previous engineering solution (boilers scheme). It shows, with electrical power consumption of 6 kW heat-generator produces on outlet heat power from 15 to 18 kW.

And all sanitary-technical standards are maintained (hot water temperature in the system is not less then 55-60 C), which has not been fulfilled because of insufficient power of boilers.
The main advantage of the given technology is minimum pay-back periods of such projects.
So, in the described above project, an expected seasons financial expenses on provision the complex of buildings by the hot water supply after its modernization will reduced twice.

Comparative mean daily temperature characteristics:

Picture 1                             Picture 2

Energy-saving projects (from public and industrial energy till local heating systems of private sector, different kinds of pools, etc.) which are realized on the base of this technology, permit to reduce consumption of any kinds of organic fuel (diesel oil, black oil fuel, gas, coal , etc.) more, to increase the outlet power of nowadays heat-generators, to reduce heat losses, to save financial resource.



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