Technologies for CP Projects
Co-Generation Systems



Specifics and advantages

Advantages of CS are:

  • Low cost of kWh of the electric power, in comparison with tariffs of the centralized systems;

  • Smaller losses during transfer of thermal energy;

  • Opportunity of various structure gas application (the natural, casing-head gas, the synthesized product - gas, biogas, etc.), that in turn, allows to use CS in the most various fields of economy, industrial production (oil-gas production industry, construction, agriculture, sewage disposal plants, chemical industry, glass manufacture, recycling of wide spectrum of combustible wastes, etc.)

On the way of CS application went the majority of developed countries of Europe, such as England, Germany, Austria and others. Today the share of the electric power, developed by CS in Europe, amounts to about 10 %.
More and more enterprises - supporters of CS appear in Russia.

Economic expediency of CS application.

During calculation of economic efficiency of CS it is necessary to take into account the following factors:

  • Operating mode of power station (the basic, reserve);
  • Cost of the electric power offered by the centralized systems;
  • Cost of combustive-lubricating materials and their deliveries;
  • Cost of maintenance service;
  • Cost and availability of output thermal energy.

Except of these enumerated above factors, the price of possible damage (missed benefit, non-productive losses, negative ecological consequences, etc.) also should be taken into account in case of approach of an insurance case, i.e. losses, which will be carried with the consumer during switching-off of the centralized thermal or electric energy. This price is defined and taken into account for each concrete enterprise or institution separately.

Comparative characteristics of CS with gas-piston, diesel, gas-turbine engines are given in Table 1.
GPU - gas-piston units;
DU - diesel units;
GTU - gas-turbine units


DU P 1250


Power, KWt 922 800 800
Cost of installed capacity of 1 KWt, ( USD ) 580 280 560
Resource of engine up to capital repairs, (hours) 60 000 25 000 25 000
Fuel consumption
191m3\h 277 l\h 320 m3\h
Oil consumption, (kg/hour)
0,3 1.6 0,2
Annual maintenance charges, (USD) 80 000 510 000 120 000


In the Table, the basic characteristics of CS with газо-piston, gas-tourbine and diesel engines at which analysis follows are given, that in the basic mode of operation the most economically effective are CS with gas-piston engines. Thus, low operational expenses, the big motor potential before capital repairs and the small fuel consumption pay to themselves attention.

The gas-piston engines satisfy to the rigid European standards on emissions of harmful substances.

Thus cost of of 1 kw of adjusting capacity of with western samples CS with gas-piston engines are commensurable with russian CS with gas-turbine engines.


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