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Individual Ionizers


Decontamination of water by ions of argentum
(household and outdoor application)

The principle of operation of an ionizer is based on electrochemical dissolution of electrodes made of ultra-pure (99,99%) silver. A built-in electronic circuit allows to avoid an excess concentration of silver ions in output water. The principle of saving silver and power elements allows the device to prepare more than 10000 litres of silver water. It is sufficient to provide a three-person family with pure water during a period of three to seven years.

This extrasmall device of a cigarette lighter size n produce 3 litres of silver water in a minute; a bucket of water will be saturated with silver ions in 3.5 minutes



Delivery speed of Ag ions 150 microgram/min (preparation of 3 litres of drinking water)
Indicator blinking frequency 5 seconds (one glass - 200 ml of water).
Timer 3.25 minutes (10 litres of potable water).
Ionizer operation resource
50 hours (10000 litres of potable water)

Overall dimensions:

Diameter 26 mm
Length 100 mm
Weight 40 gram



  • The cabinet is made of food polyethylene.

  • The built-in power supply - rechargeable battery or tight battery similar to that used in cardiostimulators.

  • System of electrodes made of silver 9999.

  • The electronic control circuit of the ionizer is an original chip (developed by the device inventor).

  • Case for storing the device.

  • The detailed operating manual with practical recommendations and storage instructions.

Planned production volume

According to the Business - offer the volume of production of ionizers "Silva 936" is 500'000 pieces for 5 years, i.e. average production rate 100'000 pieces per year.


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