Technologies for Cleaner Production Projects


Implementation of energy efficient technologies

In the framework of demo-project NWICPC realizes resource and energy saving technology based on the application of internal energy of water.

Small power engineering. Munitions based on alternative sorts of fuel with application of filtration method of combustion in superadiabatic regimes

North-Western International Center of Cleaner Production offers realization of the projects in civil-engineering, the building of mini power stations on the basis of conversion technology in thermal processing of various combustible wastes. Given technology provides environmentally appropriate utilization of solid wastes with rather low containing of carbon (from 10%) and with high humidity (up to 60%). As an example of such wastes could be unsorted municipal solid wastes, hospital wastes, pulp-and-paper industrial wastes, ash dumps from cogeneration and metallurgy plants, silt sediments after cleanout of rivers, etc.



Application of gas-piston power units with the purpose of development competitive at cost electric and thermal energy for own needs of the enterprise
(settlement, inhabited microdistrict)

Modern energy delivery modules capable to develop thermal and electric energy simultaneously are called cogeneration systems (CS) or mini-thermal power stations (pass - TPS). They consist of the engine (gas-piston engine, the gas turbine and diesel engine), the generator, heat exchanger and communication systems. In conditions of the rising in prices on energy resources and toughening of requirements on ecological safety, such systems receive more and more greater distribution.


Inividual Silva Ionizers 936 for decontaminating water by ions of argentum in household and outdoor activities

Household self-contained ionizer "Silva 936" is designed for decontaminating water by ions of silver for household application, for tourism, for use in countryside, which allows to protect the health (avoid diseases) and keep hygiene measures. The water treated by ionizer can be used for drinking, preservation of foodstuff as well as for medical purposes.This extrasmall device of a cigarette lighter size саn produce 3 litres of “silver water” in a minute; a bucket of water will be saturated with silver ions in 3.5 minutes.



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