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Born on June 14, 1920 in Rybinsk (Russia), Professor is an expert in environmental science, Full Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Councilor of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the Research Centre for Ecological Safety in St. Petersburg from 1992. He is a graduate from Leningrad State University (LSU, 1946), Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences, Professor. Employment record:

  • 1946-1978 Lecturer, Associate Professor, Professor, Head of Department, Vice-Rector for Science and Research, Rector of LSU.
  • 1958-1991 Head of Department at the Main Geophysical Observatory, then at the Institute for Lake Research of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1982-1992).
  • Since 1992 the Centre for Ecological Safety.

         Throughout the whole career he has been involved in research on atmospheric radiation problems relevant to the physical basis of climate. He has much contributed to the development of remote sensing techniques for environmental studies as well as to global change research. He is the author of over one thousand scientific papers and 109 monographs.

           He has been awarded with the State Prize of Russia, World Meteorological Organization Prize and gold medal, Symons medal. He is an Honorary Foreign Member of German Natural Science Academy Leopoldina, of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, of the Royal Meteorological Society, Member of the International Academy of Astronautics, Honorary Doctor of the Universities of Lille (France), Budapest (Hungary), and Athens. Member of Editorial Boards of a number of international scientific journals. Editor-in-Chief of the journal Studying the Earth from Space.


Prof. K. Ya. Kondratyev: recent monographs


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