Prof. Dr. Kondratyev K. Ya.


Environmental Disasters: Anthropogenic and Natural

Kirill Ya. Kondratyev, Alexei A. Grigoryev and Costas A. Varotsos
Springer; Chichester, UK: Praxis Publ., 2002
London; Berlin; Heidelberg; New York; Barcelona; Hong Kong; Milan; Paris; Santa Clara; Singapore; Tokyo:


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Natural Disasters,
such as earthquakes, drought or floods, have always affected their surroundings, usually on a local scale. As human populations increase and technology develops, the risk of man-made disaster affecting the world and its inhabitants increases. Managing this risk is becoming of vital importance to governments, environmental agencies and researchers throughout the world but, until now, there have been insufficient reliable studies into the subject.

Environmental Disasters
is an important new study into catastrophic events, natural and man-induced or a combination of both. It reviews the most significant disasters that have taken place in the past and analyses the results of research following more recent events. Risk mapping, using data from satellite monitoring, is highlighted as a method by which preventative or mitigating measures can be put in place.
Nowadays, risk must be seen as an integral part of existence, and the importance of risk perception should be clearly understood by all economic, social and political institutions. When disaster strikes, we should be prepared.


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