Persistent Organic Pollutants: The Ways to Solve the Problem



Scientific-research Institute of Chemistry,
St. Petersburg State University, 2002. 363 pages.

Elimination of the danger caused by persistent organic pollutants (POPs) is a global environmental problem. In 2002, under the initiative of the United Nations Organization the Stockholm convention on prohibition of POPs was accepted. This book contains historical analysis; the detailed characteristic of 12 basic POPs (dirty dozen), the origin of POPs, destiny and the POPs content in the environment. The serious consequences of influence of POPs upon human health, as the occurrence of malignant tumours and reproductive toxicity are also considered.

Summarizing of an own working experience of authors under research program Dioxines, participation in the international project (project UNIDO: "Removal of barriers to elimination of POPs in North-West Russia") and in investigations have allowed on the basis of the main toxicants of dirty dozen- dioxines/ furans and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) to consider the ways and opportunities to solve the problem of POPs. Results of the studying on accumulation of dioxines/ furans and PCB in organism are presented in the book. The presence of enumerated eco-toxicants in breast milk of nursing mothers was found that is the indicator of environmental pollution and impact on human life by POPs. The primary assessment of PCB contribution into the dioxine dangerous, used in electrotechnical equipment representing large-scale pollutants of POPs group, food chains and atmospheric transfers, causing influence on population was made. The initial monitoring and analytical inventory of POPs sources detected in so called hot spots on the territory of St. Petersburg and North-Western Region of the Russian Federation, which are subject to continuous control and tracking. The interconnected law and technological approaches to the environmentally safe handling of PCB, PCB-containing and PCB-polluted equipment are also considered. The visions of authors on the main regulations of the National plan and strategy of operations according to implementation of the Stockholm Convention are also presented.

The book is intended to ecologists, doctors, toxicologists, hygienists, chemists, and also for persons taking the decisions and all people who understands, that the problem of POPs became from initially medical-ecological to social and political, demanding taking immediate measures for the safety of life of the present and the future generations.


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